There are a few options for getting your goods.

For all of you around the Westwood area we are available to meet up. Just email the following info to

1. Design, size, quantity
2. Place and time we can meet you
3. Method of payment (Cash or check)

We are on campus Monday through Thursday for meet-up, Fridays we can drop off outside of campus, and Sundays we’re usually playing ball at Wooden (feel free to stop by and play a couple games too!)

We are currently accepting online payment and through Paypal for those in other regions/ states/ countries. Please create an account if you don’t have one yet! Then…

1. Log-in to your paypal account
2. Click on “Send Money”
3. Enter “” in the To: box, and the total dollar amount of your purchase. Remember to add $5 for shipping 1-2 shirts, $7 for 3+ shirts
4. Select “Goods” in the last section
5. Continue, and enter your shipping address where requested, as well as the design and size for each shirt you wish to purchase in the “Message” section: ex. Tanuki, Men’s M, (2)
6. If you have a credit card attached to your paypal account it will be charged, or if you have a balance in your paypal account the money will come from there. In the case that you don’t have enough balance in your account it will charge the difference to your credit card.

We check our email many times a day and will send you a confirmation email when we receive the payment. We ship out within (2) business days

Tanuki – $22
Tanuki fullTanuki
Westwood – $18
Westwood full
Captain EO – $30
Captain EO front
Captain EO back
Captain EOCaptain-EO Glasses
The MC (gray) – $20
MC gray frontMC gray backMC gray
The MC (black) – $20
MC black frontMC black back
The MC (dark gray) – $20
MC dark gray back
MC dark gray
Fireworks – $25
Fireworks front
Fireworks back
Fireworks upclose
Fireworks bear
Tanuki (blue & gold on black) – $20
Tanuki blue_gold_blackTanuki blue_gold_black_back
Tanuki blue_gold_black_tanuki
Tanuki blue_gold_black_logo
Tanuki (blue & gold on white) – $20
Tanuki blue_gold_whiteTanuki blue_gold_white_backTanuki blue_gold_white_tanukiTanuki blue_gold_white_logoTanuki (purple & gray on white) – $20
Tanuki purple_gray_whiteTanuki purple_gray_white_backTanuki purple_gray_white_tanukiTanuki purple_gray_white_logoTanuki Kid – $20
Tanuki KidTanuki Kid closeCities Logo – $20
Cities_logoNEW! Winter Cities – $25
NEW! Think Green – $25 (organic cotton) please see for the different color variations